Discover all the ways we can help your class to Do Science this year.


Join a mission to Mars, fly to the moon, intercept a comet, or study Earth from the far reaches of space–all without leaving Louisville. Challenger Learning Center simulations put science and communication skills to the test as your mission control and space station teams communicate to meet the challenges of space exploration. (Also available as a Distance Learning program) LEARN MORE!

Kentucky Science Center 4-Story Digital Theater!

Don’t just see a movie. Experience it. Kentucky Science Center has a library of educational documentaries. Select your film, date, and time: we’ll do the rest!


Students can participate in real-time open-heart surgery – from almost anywhere! LEARN MORE!


Introduces students to concepts of energy and energy efficiency. Learn how to become better ambassadors of energy conservation. LEARN MORE!

Introduces students to the basics of how chemistry impacts industry, environment, and our everyday lives. LEARN MORE!