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Science Travels to You

Science Enrichments

Science Travels to You

Science Enrichments

Kentucky Science Center educators travel to your classroom and bring science to life! Your students will ask questions, define problems, investigate, analyze data, and defend conclusions. These hands-on sessions are either 60 or 90 minutes, and are available during school hours as a class or lab experience, or after-school as a science “club” or additional science content. Each Science Enrichment has KAS, Math, and Literacy standards integrated into a variety of STEAM topics.

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Grades 1-12 • 25 students per class
  • Standard Theme
    60 min • $200
  • Premium Theme
    90 min • $250

YOU choose the topic. Some examples of themes are:


Identify physical and chemical properties, discover where elements can be found in our everyday lives, and investigate how chemicals combine to create new substances.

Environmental Science

What evidence do we have that Earth has changed over time? Students explore and problem-solve different solutions to the damaging effects of earth system reactions.


What happens when objects collide? Where do moving objects get energy? Explore the laws of motion and energy using common materials.


How do we fit in to the vastness of space? Take a journey through the galaxy and observe how Earth interacts with other planets, moons, and stars.


Wonder "why" and "how" while exploring different habitats and ecosystems, and discover the unique characteristics which help animals and plants adapt, survive, and thrive in the wild.