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MakerPlace STEAM Carts

MakerPlace STEAM Carts

What is a MakerPlace STEAM Cart?

Each MakerPlace STEAM Cart consists of ten 1-hour hands-on activity lesson plans, seven 30-minute hands-on activity lesson plans, and multiple technology enhancements for use during each lesson. Activities are geared towards grades 1-5 and designed for up to 25 students to participate in individual or group sessions. STEAM Carts are placed in schools for a six month residency, and selected schools can use the cart to supplement active classroom lessons, enable after school enrichment opportunities, or promote family engagement.

Examples of STEAM Cart activities include:

    • Chromatography
    • Balloon Cars
    • Hovercraft
    • Paper Circuits
    • 3D Pens 101
    • Ozobots 101
    • Dog Prosthetics

Purchase a MakerPlace STEAM Cart

In addition to free MakerPlace STEAM Cart residencies, Kentucky Science Center’s MakerPlace STEAM Carts are also available for purchase. Your investment includes a fully-stocked cart (including consumables), complete curriculum, training with Kentucky Science Center education experts, and more. Interested schools or organizations can apply to purchase a cart through the form below. Have additional questions? Email for assistance.

Purchase a STEAM Cart

Learn More

Watch the video below to learn about the MakerPlace STEAM Cart placement at Zachary Taylor Elementary in Louisville, Kentucky.