Science Travels to You - Kentucky Science Center
ATTENTION: Kentucky Science Center will close at 1pm on Wednesday, September 24 and will remain closed on Thursday, September 25.

Science Travels to You

Science Travels to You

All off-site classes and labs are offered during school hours and integrate Next Generation Science Standards core ideas with science and engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts to offer an in-depth look at each topic through discussion and career-connections. Promoting problem-based, student centered learning, student-teams ask questions, define problems, determine their investigation, gather and analyze data, form and defend conclusions.

All of the Science Center’s Science Travels To You experiences that are brought to your school are identical to those offered at our flagship facility.

NOTE: Chemistry programs such as our Periodic Reactions Lab are NOT offered off-site. To participate in Chemistry programs, consider a teleconference session.

Assembly Programs

Bring your whole school together to experience a high-energy science adventure! Choose to watch a science show, offer walk-up activities, or both for a full day of STEM learning.

Science Expos

Five hands-on science activity stations, presented in a fun, festival atmosphere. Great for community, family, or after-school events.

Science Enrichments

Kentucky Science Center educators travel to your classroom and bring science to life! Your students will ask questions, define problems, investigate, analyze data, and defend conclusions.

Digital Learning

We know the importance of being able to connect digitally for this school year. Experience learning in a virtual classroom where boundaries are a thing of the past! Through our digital platform, students and teachers can connect with engaging Kentucky Science Center educators without ever leaving the Virtual or in-person/classroom. All programs are aligned with NGSS.

Challenger Learning Center

Travel the Universe and learn about space exploration without ever leaving your classroom. Connect with our Challenger Learning Center for a space mission simulation.

Pulse of Surgery

Get an insider’s view of the operating room by streaming a real-time heart surgery from Jewish Hospital, a part of KentuckyOne Health.

School's Out Science Camps

When school is out, science camp is in!

Science in Play2GO

Science in Play2GO, the mobile version of Kentucky Science Center’s progressive next-generation learning experience, empowers children and adults to learn together, and for life, all through the power of play.