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We all experience multiple identities – race, gender, age, sexual orientation, occupation, and more. And we maintain them at all times, even when they don’t overlap.

Take a moment to consider your physical identity. Your psychological identity. Cultural identity. Social identity. Are they all the same? Maybe not, but they all make up who you are.

Defining Identity

American Psychological Association
Definition of identity

Psychology Today
Discusses the definition of identity and various theories on the formation of identity

Racial Identity

National Museum of African American History and Culture
Detailed discussion of racial identity

Conversations with black immigrants in the American South sheds like on the creation of racial identity 

Gender Identity

American Psychological Association
Detailed discussion of gender identity

Guide to gender identity terminology

World Health Organization
Overview of the social construction of gender and its impacts

Hearing Others’ Stories

Non-profit that encourages people from across the country to have meaningful conversations about their lives in ways that illuminate their humanity.