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We express our emotions through words, gestures, body language, and facial expressions. Expressing your emotions is an important part of communicating. Learning how to interpret another person’s emotions through these physical cues is vital to understanding their perspective.

Use the resources below to learn more about the language of emotions and learn how to better recognize emotions in both yourself and others.

Understanding Emotions

University of West Alabama
Infographics describing basic and complex human emotions.

Atlas of Emotions
Tool to help promote awareness and understanding of emotional experience.

University of California, Berkeley
Research suggesting that universal emotions may be more varied than has been previously understood.

Michigan State University
Article on emotional contagion

Social Emotional Learning

Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)
Definitions and research on social emotional learning

Parent resources for cultivating social emotional learning.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Article describing efforts to teach computers to recognize human emotions through facial expressions