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Who Forted?

Who Forted?

It is a fort builder’s dream! At Who Forted?, the whole family can experience the of the joy of building a living room fort with piles of sheets, pillows, and other fun household items. Can you build the best, most creative, and largest fort in town?

What Does Building Forts Have To Do With Science?

While building a fort, you are actually practicing many scientific concepts including: architecture, engineering, geometry, and interior.

Families will:

  • Construct unique structures and spaces.
  • Get creative! Try out different designs and see what worlds kids will create inside.
  • Solve problems. We bet your fort will not be perfect the first time, you will have to add and change things to make it work.
  • Communicate and collaborate with others during the building process
  • Build confidence in your abilities of engineering design.
  • Dream up extraordinary ideas, there are no limits to your imagination.
  • Have fun!



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