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Perception is the process through which the brain identifies and responds to outside stimuli. We might assume that two different people exposed to the same stimulus would have a similar response. However, since each of us are the product of a unique set of experiences, our brains may interpret the same stimulus very differently.

The following resources can help you further explore perception as it relates to sight, smell, sound, and time.

How The Brain Creates Meaning

McGovern Institute
Discussion of how perception is heavily influenced by personal experience and worldview.

Perception and Sound

Time Magazine
Article that recounts the history of the Yanny/Laurel audio clip

Perception and Smell

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Research study detailing influences on the perception of smell.

Perception and Sight

American Psychological Association
Discussion of inattentional blindness and how it can result in otherwise attentive viewers missing conspicuous events.

Scientific American
How visual illusions can provide insight into how the brain creates a sense of reality.

National Institute of Standards and Technology
How lighting affects color perception

Perception and Time

CBS News
New studies show that our own heartbeat can influence our perception of time.