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Humans are biased. Our brains are hard-wired to look for patterns and categorize things – a vital survival skill early in our evolutionary history.

While seeing patterns and creating categories have their uses, they can also make us biased in ways we might not always be aware of. Recognizing these biases exist can help us interrupt those habits of thought and expand our views.

Use the resources below to learn more about bias and its real-world impacts.

Understanding Bias

Project Implicit
Research on new ways of understanding attitudes, stereotypes, and other hidden biases. Includes a link to the Implicit Bias Test which can help individuals understand their own biases.

Online exhibition that describes bias and the ways it exists inside all of us.

Alliance Work Partners
Article describing the ways in which unconscious attitudes can lead to biased actions.

Talking About Bias

Anti-Defamation League
Resources to help your schools, communities and society be more respectful, inclusive, and equitable. Includes reading suggestions, family conversation starters, and blog posts.

Greater Good Science Center
Article which provides tools for parents to combat racial bias in children.

The Impact of Bias

National Institute for Children’s Health Quality
Article detailing the ways in which implicit bias can impact children’s health.