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Uniquely Human

Uniquely Human

Encompassing three separate themes – Thinking, Feeling and Identity – Uniquely Human is Kentucky Science Center’s response to the pressures and priorities of our time and offers a means to join in the reckoning of a legacy of inequality that has persisted for far too long. The permanent exhibition will focus on the connection between body and mind and the ways experience and attitudes influence behaviors while encouraging the development of a broader and more inclusive view of humanity.

What is Uniquely Human?

Pre-teens, teens, young adults and their families are the target audience for Uniquely Human. Our goal is for Uniquely Human to open a dialogue with that audience, inviting discovery and offering growth through an approach that will rely heavily on community-based outreach, partner programming, and a small-scale permanent gallery experience.

Uniquely Human will provide visitors:

  • tools for supporting sustained healthy physical, mental, emotional and environmental habits;
  • ways to grasp the connections between themselves, their families and the broader community;
  • an understanding of links between mental and physical wellbeing that help develop resilience;
  • accessible pathways to understanding identity, empathy, and strengthening tolerance and acceptance; and
  • the chance to reflect, think, feel and act.


What can I expect during my visit to Uniquely Human?

As we did with Science in Play, Kentucky Science Center invites you to be part of our exhibit development process.  How you respond and react, and what you like and dislike about these test experiences, will help inform our final design.  What you see today is a prototype of just some of the ideas we are developing for the final Uniquely Human experience.  As with any prototype, these experiences are not as polished as they will be when we open it in its permanent form.

As we go through this prototyping process, our visitors – including people just like you – are an important part of our scientific method. Staff might observe as you interact with the exhibits or even ask your feedback on what you liked, what you learned, and what you think we could do better.


When will the Uniquely Human exhibit be complete?

At Kentucky Science Center, we put science at the forefront of everything we do – and that includes the way we develop new exhibitions. The process of developing Uniquely Human began in 2019 with a prototype exhibit of the exhibit’s Identity theme. That was followed in 2020 with a renovation of our 3rd Floor Main Gallery – Uniquely Human’s home – and a prototype of the exhibit’s Feeling theme. Our latest prototype, Uniquely Human: Thinking, is currently on view and we plan to unveil the completed exhibit, including all three themes, in early 2023.

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