Scouts FAQs - Kentucky Science Center
ATTENTION: Kentucky Science Center is open to the public 7 days a week from 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Scouts FAQs

Scouts FAQs

Can I bring a tag-along?

Tag-alongs are welcome at scout workshops at the scout admission price.

Is there exhibit time?

Scouts and their families are welcome to explore Kentucky Science Center exhibit spaces after the completion of their badge workshop.

How do I see which badge requirements are covered in a workshop?

Please click on the desired workshop to view the badge requirements that will be covered.


Payment is due at time of registration.

Registrations are non-refundable. Registrations are transferable to select dates and must be transferred within 3 days of the original program date.

Is there a member discount for scout workshops?

We currently do not offer a membership discount for scout workshops.

Is parking included in scout workshops?

Parking costs $6 for Members and $8 for Non-Members. If you are a Member of the Kentucky Science Center, please see the front desk for your discount validation sticker.

What is a Design Your Own Badge Program?

Scout leaders have the opportunity to either host an existing badge workshop on a day that works better for their troop/pact or have the Kentucky Science Center design a class for a badge requirement/s of their choice. DYO Badge Programs require a minimum of 15 scouts and 5 adults to host a program. The cost is $25 per scout and $5 per adult.

What is included in a Public Scout Overnight?

An overnight adventure includes: Classes centered around badge requirements, exhibit access, a flashlight scavenger hunt, evening snack, movie in our 4 story digital theater, sleeping areas in the exhibit spaces, overnight patch, and cold continental breakfast in the morning.  

Do I need a minimum number of scouts for a Public Scout Overnight?

You are welcome to bring any number of scouts for a Public Scout Overnight, but you will need to ensure that there is at least 1 adult per 5 scouts.

Can our troop/pack host a Private Overnight?

Scout leaders have the opportunity to host a Private Overnight for their troop/pact on a date of their choice. Please contact our Fee-Based Specialist at 502-560-7154 for more information.  


Kentucky Science Center is committed to providing a safe and educational experience for all scouts. If you are interested in enrolling/ or have enrolled a scout with special needs, please contact the Fee-Based Specialist at 502-560-7154 to discuss the specific needs of your child and strategies that would ensure that your child has the most engaging experience possible.