One World by Air Cargo - Kentucky Science Center
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One World by Air Cargo

One World by Air Cargo

Presented by UPS and the Boeing Company

Get an inside look at the Boeing 747-8F, UPS’s newest aircraft and how it flies STEAM jobs into Louisville and Worldport – UPS’s international air hub in Louisville.

About the Boeing 747-8F and Worldport

The cargo plane can move more than 307,000 pounds of cargo (about 30,000 packages) in a single flight. The plane includes an upgraded engine, wing design, and longer fuselage that make it 10% more fuel efficient, 30% quieter, and able to carry 10% more cargo than its predecessor.

The Boeing 747-8F is the main cargo plane of UPS, which includes Worldport at the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport. Worldport is the largest package sorting facility in the world, processing more than two million packages a day, up to four million per day during December’s peak holiday season. While automation limits human contact to one or two touches while a package is in the facility, there are still many STEAM careers involved in the facility.

Inside the exhibit

Pilot Training Simulator-fly one of three real training simulations used by UPS to train their pilots. Take off from Louisville Muhammad Ali Airport and explore the skies above Louisville.

Load It Up-UPS has specially designed cargo containers to fit inside a plane. Can you load the actual container with packages to make sure they don’t fall down or break during transport?

Interactive Flight Map-make a quick decision to ensure that the packages get to their destination on time, even if the weather is bad or mechanical issues crop up.

Model Display-a scale model of a Bowing 747-8F is suspended in mid-flight inside the gallery. Along the plane, you can learn about the mechanical workings of the plane and how it flies through the air. You can also learn to calculate how much fuel it will take to get to your destination.