Open Daily:
9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Current Time:
3:39 PM
727 W Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 561-6100
[email protected]
Kentucky Science Center is open 7 days a week from 9:30AM – 5:00PM. Tickets can be purchased online.

Chaperone Guide

Chaperone Guide

Tips For a Fun Filled Field Trip!

Before Arriving

  • Adults should be assigned groups of no more than 10 students prior to arriving. Adults are to supervise and direct students in their groups during exhibit time, lunchtime, the movie, and class time if applicable to ensure safety of students and other visitors.
  • Make sure you have your tickets!
    • If your admission is not covered by the organization, please purchase full price admission tickets at the admissions desk, or online prior to arrival.
      • Confirm with the group’s main contact what ticket package to purchase. For example, if your group is seeing movie and having lunch, make sure you purchase accordingly!
      • Purchase General Admission Tickets
      • If you’ve purchased tickets online, check in at the admissions desk.

During Your Visit

  • We invite you to use the exhibits actively but with respect. Please help us keep all exhibits in a condition for other visitors to safely interact with when you move through the building. Handle all exhibits with care and tidy up as you go!
  • Talk to your teacher about the purpose and goals of the trip to better interact with the students in the exhibits.
    • Learn something! It’s important that the students see adults participating in and having fun with science.
    • Ask a Kentucky Science Center team member if they have pocket science to share!


  • GoodMaps is a mobile app that provides mapping for people with visual impairment by giving auditory directions to easily navigate Kentucky Science Center. Simply download their app and search for KY Science Center to start your journey!
  • Wheelchairs, strollers, and all other mobility assistive devices are welcome inside the museum. Wheelchair-accessible restrooms, elevators, and ramps are located on all floors.
  • Sensory bags can be checked out by your group’s main contact at our Admissions Desk if a member of your group feels overwhelmed at any point during your visit.

Logistics For Your Day


  • Paid parking is available at the end of 8th street directly behind Kentucky Science Center at $10 per car. Our parking kiosk accepts credit/debit cards only. Visitors with cash may pay for their parking at the admissions desk before exiting.
    • Street meter parking is also available.
    • Parking is not validated.
  • All adults will be provided printed schedules, maps, and chaperone stickers that will be distributed by the group’s main contact.
  • Follow your Schedule! It Is for your group specifically and accounts for other visitors, groups, and camps attending on the same day. This will help give you and your group the best experience!


  • Check your field trip schedule provided upon arrival for your lunch time and meeting location. Gather 5 minutes before your scheduled lunch time, and a Kentucky Science Center team member will lead your group to the lunchroom at your designated lunch time.
  • During lunchtime, keep the space tidy.
    • Any big spills? Spray bottles and towels are located by the sink.
    • Direct students to throw away all food and trash from the tables and floor when finished eating.
    • Anyone ordering Subway for lunch must do so and pick up in advance of the assigned lunch time.
    • Due to our safety protocol, we’re required us to limit lunchroom door access. Plan accordingly with lunch schedule as the door will be locked during your lunch time.
    • Lunchroom capacity is subject to availability, adults purchasing tickets day of may not be accommodated in the lunchroom.
    • Please use inside voices – people are at work!


Check your field trip schedule provided upon arrival for your movie time. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the movie showing outside of the theater entrance on the 3rd Floor, and a team member will show you into the Theater at your movie time.


  • Due to classroom capacity limits, adults may be directed to explore the exhibits or visit the Do Science Shop until the class has concluded.
  • If class capacity allows, present adults are encouraged to engage and participate along-side the students. We believe strong adult engagement is a key to educational success.
  • Ask questions! Some helpful things to ask your students are:
    • Why do you think it does that?
    • What do you think is happening?
    • What could you change to make the outcome different?
    • How do you think this works?

Rules You Should Know!

  • Upon arrival, a Kentucky Science Center team member will greet your group and relay important information about your visit. Attendees will be reminded to:
    • Stay with and listen to their assigned adult and in their group.
    • Walk, not run!
    • Use the stairs when navigating between floors unless accommodation is needed
    • Be aware and respectful of other visitors. We often have other groups and smaller children in the building at the same time!
  • The front doors will not be unlocked until 9:30am. If you arrive before then and the weather does not permit waiting outside, please wait in your vehicle until 9:30am.
  • In the case of a lost student, please inform nearby staff or go to the admission desk. A full building search will be initiated so your group can be reunited!
    • To avoid a lost scientist-in-training, take frequent head counts and keep everyone in your line of sight to be sure no one has been left behind!
  • Check out the Code of Conduct! All visitors are expected to follow these guidelines so everyone can Do Science safely and respectfully.
  • Kentucky Science Center is a smoke free facility. This includes; outside area in front of the building, any indoor location, restrooms, and stairwells.