World We Create

The World We Create is a celebration of the creative thinking that makes scientific advancements possible. Touch it! Hear it! Compute it! Design it! There’s no limit to what can be done with human innovation.

Enter the fascinating worlds of manufacturing, transportation, chemistry, architecture, physics, engineering and communication.  You just may find it impossible to keep your hands to yourself in this gallery of physical science exploration!

If you haven’t visited this ‘world’ lately, you haven’t visited!  Over twelve new interactive exhibits designed to engage the entire family in a fresh and exciting level of investigative science and engineering. From Pathways, that lets you design and test complex pipelines, finding that perfect top design in Last Top Standing, creating and testing flying machines at the Wind Tubes and Bernoulli Blower, or engineering a sky-high structure at Skyline, you’re only limited by your scientific imagination. And coming later this Spring: Ohio River Bridges Project: the exhibition. Experiment and test different bridge designs, discover the underlying science behind their construction, and control time-lapse video of construction of both bridges.

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The World We Create exhibit gallery is included with the price of admission to the Science Center and open to the public while ongoing improvements take place.