The World Around Us

Adventure awaits! Come experience the Science Center’s newest permanent exhibit, The World Around Us. Opened in September 2005, it brings natural and earth sciences to life in a wide range of interactive and multimedia activities.

Follow your sense of wonder as you explore the three major ecological galleries:

Atmosphere: The Air That Surrounds Us
Terrasphere: Environments That Support Us
Aquasphere: The Water That Sustains Us

Stop by the Discovery Gallery, where the Science Center’s natural history collections have found a lively new home. There you’ll find longtime visitor favorites, including the mummy, polar bears and Gemini trainer.

In The World Around Us, you begin to notice all life is connected in wondrous and fascinating ways. It’s a discovery that inspires many to spend a lifetime exploring, enjoying and protecting the natural world.

Environmental science education programs at the Kentucky Science Center are supported by a grant from LG&E and KU Services Company.