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School’s Out Science Camps

Want a fun, hands-on experience for your kids? School’s Out Science Camps offer exciting educational experiences for little scientists! Join us for unique topics designed to inform, engage and entertain!

Summer Camps:

8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
 8 A.M. to 9 A.M.
 4 P.M. to 5 P.M.

DATES: Listed below.
Camps and Science Center are operational on May 30 and July 4.


Standard Theme: $195/$220

*Specialty Camps: $245/$270

STEAM Academy: $275/$300

*Please note there are no refunds for Camp purchases* 


Pre-K - K Summer Camps:

Moving to the Music (Weeks 1 and 6)
Get up and get moving! Groove along with us as we learn all about music and movement. How do we hear it? How do we create it? How do our bodies move along with it?
May 30-June 3  | July 4-8

*Sensory Explorers (Weeks 2 and 7)
Back by popular demand! Join us as we continue to use sensory play to naturally encourage your camper to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore.  Each day will focus on a variety of new sensory experiences such as oolbeck, cloud dough, and creating a water wall.  Campers will even bring home a recipe book at the end of the week to continue their hands-on sensory experiences at home! *Specialty camp rate applies
June 6-10July 11-15

Machine Madness (Weeks 3 and 8)
GIZMOS AND GADGETS! What makes a can opener work? How would you open a door without a knob? Simple machines, gadgets and gizmos are designed to simplify our daily life. How do they work? How did we get them? We will use observations, experiments, and investigations to figure this out.
June 13-17July 18-22

Space Explorers (Weeks 4 and 9)
Do you love science that is out of this world?  Blast off into the unknown to explore the mysteries of stars, meteorites and planets.  Engineer your own rocket, create a comet in your kitchen and design your very own constellation!

June 20-24 | July 25-29 

The Great Dinosaur Adventure (Weeks 5 and 10)
Step back in time to learn about the land of the giants and create your own fossil, uncover the secrets about lava and ancient volcanic eruptions, and crack your own million year old geode. On the final day become a part of Science Center history as you help create a time capsule that will send a message to the future.
June 27-July 1August 1-5

Grades K - 1 Summer Camps:

A Pirate’s Life for Me (Weeks 1 and 6)
Discover how to be a pirate as you engineer your own cannon, sink a ship, and create your own treasure map. Work as a team to uncover the pirate treasure using your surveying skills that you have learned while being a pirate.
May 30-June 3  | July 4-8

Tall Tales (Weeks 2 and 7)
He will huff and puff and blow your house down! Not if we have anything to say about it! Learn how to design a house that will withstand the big, bad wolf. How long can hair really grow and can it be strong enough to climb up? Tackle the truth behind your favorite tales and design experiments to see if they if they can be fact or are just plain fiction.
June 6-10July 11-15

Grossology (Weeks 3 and 8)
Explore the gross part of science as we learn all about the human body. Discover why blood is so important and even why people booger and poop are crucial to a healthy body!
June 13-17 | July 18-22 

*When I Grow Up  (Weeks 4 and 9)
Who wants to test out even more cool jobs? Back again this year, we are researching even more amazing professionals. Get a chance to meet and greet doctors, engineers, police officers, naturalists, and even circus performers. Follow in their footsteps for a day to get an insider view into their unique professions. *Specialty camp rate applies.
June 20-24 | July 25-29 

Snowmen in Summer (Weeks 5 and 10)
The hot and the cold are both so intense. Put ’em together, it just makes sense! Explore what happens to snowmen during the summer while you dive into ice, snow, and all things winter.
June 27-July 1 | August 1-5

Grades 1 - 2 Summer Camp:

Bunsens and Beakers (Weeks 1 and 6)
Start a new journey into the world of atoms. Discover unique properties of different fluids as you conduct experiments and explore their chemical reactions!
May 30-June 3  | July 4-8

Lego®WeDo®Robotic Playground (Weeks 2 and 7)
Test the laws of physics as you design your own swings, slides, and other playground equipment. Work as a team to turn your designs into the ideal playground, as you discover Lego® WeDo® robotics and computer programming.
June 6-10July 11-15

*In a Galaxy Far, Far Away (Weeks 3 and 8)
“Do. Or Do Not. There is no try.” Join us on our quest for the science and technology behind the screen. Explore the reality of droids and interstellar fighter planes. Discover galaxies and beyond as we follow all the forces in the action packed camp. Take a trip to the Gheens Science Hall & Rauch Planetarium to explore worlds far, far, away.  *Specialty camp rates apply.
June 13-17July 18-22

Toying with Science (Weeks 4 and 9)
From the old to the new, the simple to the high-tech, see what it take to create your favorite toys and games. Try your hand at creating a toy of your own using new or vintage technology.
June 20-24July 25-29

Get Out!(side) (Weeks 5 and 10)
Investigate the outdoor ecology in our backyard. Discover the landscape – does it have trees, rocks or hills? Explore and get up close to some of the many organisms that call this terrain home.
June 27 – July 1August 1-5

Grades 2 - 3 Summer Camps:

Engineering Extremes (Weeks 1 and 6)
Are you up for something extreme? Take on real-life engineering challenges that explore concepts in physics, architecture, mechanical, and structural engineering!
May 30-June 3  | July 4-8

Science Sleuths (Weeks 2 and 7)
Shhhh! Can you help! We have a spy in our midst and we need you! Help us by breaking secret codes, extracting DNA, testing blood types, and using fingerprints to reveal our spy.
June 6-10  | July 11-15

Lego®WeDo® Robotic Zoo (Weeks 3 and 8)
It’s the wild side of robotic engineering! Learn about animal adaptations and robotics! Design and build a robotic animal using Lego®WeDo® Robotics.
June 13-17  | July 18-22

Potter’s Potions (Weeks 4 and 9)
Crash your cart into Platform 9   as you head to the castle to learn the “magic” behind our favorite wizard world.  From Potions to Herbology, test your skills and earn house points competing in the Wizarding Science Cup.
June 20-24  | July 25-29

*Summer Flix (Weeks 5 and 10)
Explore the science behind some of the summer’s most popular movies. Discover what is hidden in the depths of the ocean, find out what superheroes use to fight crime, and build your own slingshot to knock over your animal enemies. Learn the science, tips, and tricks of script writing. Take time out to visit backstage at a local theatrical institution.  *Specialty camp rates apply.
June 27 – July 1  | August 1-5

Grades 3 - 4 Summer Camp:

*Minecraft (Weeks 1 & 6)
Get a look inside everyone’s favorite game.  Explore engineering, program with Redstone, and learn tips and tricks about in-game architecture.   Use teamwork to complete challenges and create biomes!  *Specialty camp rates apply.
May 30 – June 3  | July 4-8

Chem-Artistry (Weeks 2 and 7)
Get creative as you concoct your own works of art.  Discover which ingredients you can use to make your own art supplies, experiment with paints, paper, and elemental chemistry!
June 6-10  | July 11-15

Inventor’s Lab (Weeks 3 and 8)
Gadgets and gizmos galore! Discover the ideas behind today’s technology and try your hand at designing something new.
June 13-17  | July 18-22

Aviation Academy (Weeks 4 and 9)
These are the voyages of the aviator summer campers!  Soar into the world of fight from the Wright Brothers to modern space shuttles. Your five-day mission is to explore the past technologies to seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before.
June 20-24  | July 25-29

Strange Science (Weeks 5 and 10)
Uncover science’s greatest myths and mysteries! From dragons, to aliens, who knew real science could be so bizarre?
June 27 – July 1  | August 1-5

Grades 4 - 5 Summer Camps:

Amusement Park Physics (Weeks 1 and 16)
Zooming coaster and whirling wheels, investigate the physics behind your favorite amusement park rides.   Discover the mechanics of acceleration and weightlessness and put your innovative designs to the test.
May 30 – June 3  | July 4-8

LEGO® Mindstorm® Robotics (Weeks 2 and 7)
Learn about engineering, mathematics, coding, design, and problem solving in this hands-on LEGO® Mindstorms® NXT 2.0 robotics campWork in teams to see which robot will complete the mission!
June 6-10  | July 11-15

Forensics (Weeks 3 and 8)
We have a crime and no one to solve it! Put your investigative skills to the test as you analyze finger prints, extract DNA, and create facial reconstructions using 3D printing.
June 13-17  | July 18-22

Marine Biology Past and Present (Weeks 4 and 9)
From squids to sharks and gars to turtles, explore creatures of the deep and compare them to those found in our own rivers and ponds.  Dissect and compare modern aquatic specimens to artifacts from our fossil collection!
June 20-24  | July 25-29

*Edible Chemistry (Weeks 5 and 10)
Step into the kitchen with us and learn how important chemistry and mathematics are as we test our hands in the art of cooking. Explore the power of color and flavor perceptions and molecular gastronomy.  Visit a local culinary haven and create your own cookbook to take home at the end of the week. *Specialty camp rates apply.
June 27 – July 1  | August 1-5

Grades 5 -6 Summer Camp

Busting Myths (Weeks 1 and 6)
You have heard them all, but do you really believe all those myths? Can you break into a building with antacids?  Can you really walk on egg shells? Are there more germs on your toothbrush than in your toilet? Challenge each myth to see if they can be BUSTED!
May 30 – June 3 | July 4-8

Museum Insiders (Weeks 2 and 7)
Experience the power of STEAM as we visit the partners of Museum Row! Use Science and Technology to uncover the truth behind the mysterious Fiji Mermaid and other artifacts. Explore the Engineering behind catapults, the Math of the “sweet spot” on your favorite bat, even the Art behind geometric designs!
June 6-10 | July 11-15

LEGO® Mindstorms NXT Advanced (Weeks 3 and 8)
Designed for our LEGO Mindstorms NXT pros!  Take a deeper dive into the world of robotics and coding in this elevated version of our LEGO Mindstorms camp. *Please note students must be familiar with basic LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0.
June 13-17 | July 18-22

*Foundations of Leadership (Weeks 4 and 9)
Science is a team effort. Empower yourself while utilizing teamwork to find creative solutions to real world problems. From Rocket Scientists to Food Engineers meet a variety of STEM professionals that use teamwork every day in their leadership roles. Put your skills to the test by braving the Ropes Course at Jefferson Memorial Forest! *Specialty camp rates apply.
June 20-24 | July 25-29

Chemistry Quest (Weeks 5 and 10)
Dive into the world of atoms and molecules as we experiment with the creative world of chemistry. Explore polymers, thermodynamics, and combustion reactions as we investigate the properties of metals, chromatography, food flavors and chemical dyes in our hands on Chemistry Lab.
June 27 – July 1 | August 1-8

STEAM Academy:

MAKERgirls_opt (1)


Grade 7-8
Grade 9-10


Member $275,
Non-member $300


8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

8 A.M. to 9 A.M.
4 P.M. to 5 P.M.

Grades 7-8 (ages 11-13) STEAM Academy:

Science: Fact or Fiction  (Week 2)
Ever wonder how science fiction becomes science fact? How can one person’s ideas change the perception of a society? Join us as we look at specific examples that have had positive or negative implications for the scientific community or even around the world.
June 13 – June 17

Minecraft® (Week 4)
Explore the world of science using your favorite game. Design your own challenges using in-game architecture and test your friend’s skills. Uncover what makes up your favorite building materials, as you build their molecular structure.
June 20 – June 24

Coding  (Week 5)
Hello World!  Want to try your hand at computer lingo?  Dive into a variety of practical applications using coding: game development, 3D modeling, robotics, and more!  No need to be tech-savvy—just clever and willing to take on a challenge.  We’ll guide you through the problem-solving & design techniques necessary for line-by-line success!
June 27 – July 1

Maker (Week 7)
If you think it, make it.  Explore the maker movement with the use of tools and new technologies such as 3D printers. Learn how to create and tinker with everyday objects to fabricate a makecraft of your own design. Experience engineering and innovation during a field trip to our own family friendly MakerPlace.
July 11 – July 15

STEAM Immersion (Week 8)
Our science immersion program is designed to give middle school students a behind the scenes look at what it means to work in a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, or Math (STEAM) field.  Each day, students will focus on a particular area or career.  They will visit labs, interact with professionals and discover what it takes to pursue a STEAM career.
July 18 – July 22

Grades 9-10 (ages 13-15) STEAM Academy:

STEAM Leadership and Skill Building (Week 2)
Using 21st Century Skills High School students will explore a variety of institutions along Museum Row to research careers, practice project management and develop the tools necessary to work collaboratively with peers.  The team building and leadership aspects of this program introduces students to what it means to excel in STEAM fields, while becoming responsible, engaged citizens capable of working well in groups. Through age-appropriate activities, talks and discussions, students will learn how flourish in these careers.
June 6 – June 10

Biomedical Discoveries (Week 6)
Discover the world from biomedical viewpoint.  Untangle the web of humans, animals and environment and how they interact to shape the impact of infectious diseases.  Use the techniques and current research in genetics, anatomy, and biochemistry to solve modern health threats: outbreaks, prevention tactics and tackle epidemic mysteries.  Experience our Pulse of Surgery open heart lab and determine how you can help improve local public health.
July 4 – July 8

Advanced Coding (Week 9)
Feel you are already tech-savvy and ready to take on an additional challenge? Level up as you tunnel deeper into our coding world with an in-depth approach to such as game development, 3D Modeling, and front end web design.
July 25 – July 29