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Ticket Type Adult  Child (2-17)
Exhibit Admission $8.00  $5.00
Documentary Movie  $6.00 $6.00
Hollywood Movie $8.00  $8.00
Discovery Pass
(Exhibits & Documentary Movie)
$12.00  $8.00
Discovery Pass
(Exhibits & Hollywood Movie)
$14.00  $10.00

Looking to see a movie in our 4-story digital theater?

If your group is visiting within the next two weeks, check out our Movie Showtimes to see what’s playing!

Scheduling a group visit 3 weeks prior to your groups visit?  You get to choose your movie and pick your preferred showtime!  (based on availability) Check out our Movie Library to view your options.

Staying for lunch?

Bring your own or have Subway prepared boxed lunches ready for you when you arrive!  Reserve the lunchroom for just $0.50 per person.
Click to view Subway’s Order Form.

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