Group Pricing

Discover a place where children and adults alike explore exciting and interactive exhibits that engage the hands, the mind and the imagination.

Groups of 10 of more receive special pricing, so plan your group outing today!


Is your group primarily
students ages 17 and under?

  • School Field Trips
  • Daycare Trips
  • Student Clubs
  • Summer Camp Trips
  • Boy/Girl Scout Outings
  • Play Dates
  • Other Student Groups

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Is your group primarily
adults ages 18 and over?

  • Business Outings
  • Senior Groups
  • Church Groups
  • Convention Attendees
  • Tour Groups
  • Volunteer Organizations
  • Other Adult Groups

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Looking to see a movie in our 4-story digital theater?

The Kentucky Science Center has many movies to choice from!  Groups may select any title from our MOVIE LIBRARY and we will add it to our show schedule on the day of your visit!

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DN01800_opt (1)_opt WTP Poster 8x11_opt_opt
The_Last_Reef_Poster-691x1024_opt Watermelon-Magic_opt
flight of the butterflies 2d reviews poster.indd JTSASAPoster02_250px_opt
51efdwhm7lL_opt forces-nature-movie-poster_opt
Titans of the Ice Age_opt (1) PANDAPosterFB-01_opt
Dinosaur Passage to Pangaea Poster 8_opt harryPOTTER-01_opt (1)


Adult includes all guest 18 and older, child includes all guests ages 2-17, children under 2 are free

Permanent Exhibits Only:
$8 per adult, $5 per child

Movie Only:
2D Documentary – $5 adult or child
3D Documentary – $6 adult or child
2D Hollywood Feature – $7 adult or child
3D Hollywood Feature – $8 adult or child
(click to view full list of movies options)

Discovery Ticket:
(exhibits plus one film)
2D Documentary – $11 adult, $7 child
3D Documentary – $12 adult, $8 child
2D Hollywood Feature – $13 adult, $9 child
3D Hollywood Feature – $14 adult, $10 child
(click to view full list of movies options)

Staying for lunch?  Bring your own or have Subway prepared boxed lunches ready for you when you arrive!
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Reserve the lunchroom for just $0.50 per person.


For additional information, contact:
Jennifer Riddell, Sales Manager at 502-560-7150