Captain Current vs. The Electricity Vampires!

An energizing traveling program that shows students how to conserve energy!

The Science Center comes to you with a turnkey program that not only meets critical state standards in energy and energy conversation, but can be delivered to up to 500 students in one day for less than $2 per student!



Do you have what it takes to defeat an electricity vampire? With the help of Captain Current, we’ll show you how to track down where energy is wasted and learn how to battle these voltage villains.

This dynamic new mobile assembly program includes a science show, hands-on activities and pre- and post-program materials. Focused on energy and energy efficiency, the program introduces students to sources of energy, how energy is generated and transmitted, and how we can become better ambassadors of energy conservation.

Curriculum Connections:

  • NGSS: K-PS2-2; 1-LS1-1; 2-PS1-1; 2-PS1-2; 2-ESS1-1; 3-PS2-2; 3-LS4-1; 4 PS3-1; 4-PS3-2; 4-PS3-4; 4-ESS3-1; 5-PS1-3, 5-ESS3-1; 3-5 ETS1-3; MS PS3-1 MS-PS1-3 MS-ETS1-3
  • Grades K-3: electricity flow, circuits, solar energy
  • Grades 4-5: electrical energy, energy transfer, conductors & insulators
  • Grades 6-8: energy transformations, transmission, energy sources


FULL DAY EXPERIENCE – $750, 500 students maximum
ASSEMBLY ONLY – $350, 350 students maximum
WALK UPS ONLY – $425, 250 students maximum

Note: All sites will be charged mileage of $0.56 per mile and additional charges may be incurred.

Learn more about Captain Current by viewing this video!

For more information, call (502) 560-7128 or download this FAQ.

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