Kentucky Science Center offers a wide array of options for creating your ideal experience. Don’t know where to begin? These six simple steps will get you started:

1. Explore your options! Exhibits, movies, classes and labs—pick and choose activities to craft your ideal visit. Once you factor in our “Design Your Own” options, the combinations are limitless!

2. Submit a field trip request!

3. Review your confirmation and invoice. (If you don’t receive a confirmation within 3-5 days, please call 502-560-7166 to confirm that your request form was received.)

4. Submit your final headcount and payment 21 days prior to your visit date. Ready to pay? Click here. Need to cancel your trip? Email our Reservations Specialist.

5. Review the Pre-Visit Guide and make sure you don’t have any questions before your trip.

6. You’re done! All that’s left to do: 1. show up 2. have fun

Questions? Call 502-560-7166.